1962 in Chelmsford, Essex.

Art Schools:

Colchester Institute. Art Foundation Course 1979-1981.

City of Birmingham Polytechnic. Ceramics and Glass Degree 1981-84 graduated with 1st class hons degree.

Awards and Prizes:

R.S.A Design Bursary 1982.

Winner Annandale Painting Challange 2003.


Mosaic Cow for Cowparade Edinburgh 2006.

Numerous private ceramic and painting commissions.

About my career

I founded Dalton Pottery Art Cafe with my husband Geoff in 1989, which became a very successful manufacturing and tourist business. Twenty seven very rewarding years later, I was ready for change. I took a course in person centred counselling, through which I discovered a motivation to help individuals discover ways of using creativity to enrich their lives. I followed this with a period teaching in the Creative Industries department of Dumfries College, where I currently teach evening classes in Art and Pottery.

My life and art are inseparable, from an early age the urge to create has been part of who I am. Throughout my creative journey I have been a potter, painter, designer, sculptor, and latterly a teacher. I have been fortunate to have been able to earn my living through art, but it it only since I have entered a new phase of art for arts sake, that I have pushed myself to explore my true creative direction. It is a struggle, one must push ones own boundaries, let go of self doubt, and let the work take over. When one concentrates fully on a creative endeavour, pain, anxiety, self doubt are pushed to the back of your conciousness, while you are focused on really looking at your subject. Given time, practice, feedback and encouragement, anyone can improve their ability to look and interpret what they are seeing on paper, and as confidence grows move towards developing a style which may be an abstract expression of how they see the world.

My approach to teaching art is person centred, either to individuals, or small groups of two or three, and is tailored to respond to what you would like to get out of the experience, which is why I do not have a set price or timetable, some people prefer to use their own materials, others wish to have everything supplied, I am happy to discuss the options over an initial free conversation with no obligation, and classes are paid each session so there is no requirement to pay in advance for a block of classes. Students are free to stop at any time, or dip in and out to fit in with other commitments.